Delivering next generation liquid biopsy, with unprecedented insight into cancer and disease biology from standard, non-invasive blood samples.

The power of oncRNA fingerprints

Orphan non-coding RNAs (oncRNAs) are only observed in cancer and diseased tissues, and not in normal cells. They act as molecular fingerprints to communicate underlying disease biology, and are detectable in blood using our unique sample preparation, next-generation sequencing and advanced AI platform.

AI delivering cancer biology at scale

We combine a large-scale tissue based signature discovery engine, powered by multiple cancer, tissue, and cell line datasets, with independent validation studies in blood and other non-invasive biofluids, predicted and analyzed using the Exai Bio AI Cancer Insight Engine, in order to reveal the actionable biology underlying cancer.

More information, fewer tradeoffs

Exai oncRNA technology is advantaged versus first-generation liquid biopsy techniques focused on circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) or epigenomics. The breadth of our technology and its advantages spans multiple unmet clinical needs in cancer.

The earliest and most accurate diagnosis of cancer

  • The power of oncRNA fingerprints

  • AI delivering cancer biology at scale

  • More information, fewer tradeoffs


Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Arensdorf

Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

Babak Alipanahi

Chief Administrative Officer

Nelson Lee

VP, Clinical Operations

Kimberly Chau

Director, Research

Lisa Fish

Director, Software Engineering

Helen Li

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Founder, Scientific Advisor

Hani GoodarziBio

Clinical Advisor

Robert WarrenBio

Scientific Advisor

Laura van’t VeerBio

Board Director

Mike PelliniBio

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Board Director

Shaun Rodriguez

Casdin Capital

Board Observer

Dusan Perovic

Two Sigma Ventures


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